Working in the air-conditioning sector for over 25 years.

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In recent times, how air-conditioning systems are kept sanitised has become of crucial importance. It’s nothing new for us though. Clean air in closed environments is key to a healthy life and it lies at the heart of our day-to-day work when it comes to what we aim to do and what we achieve.

AIRsana® was created from Marco Buzzi’s experience in air-conditioning system maintenance.
After over 20 years working in contact with dust, bacteria and chemical detergents, Marco came up with a simple yet revolutionary idea – using dry, saturated steam to clean air-conditioning systems.

Along with Giovanna Michetti, he then made the short jump to setting up AIRsana®. The aim? To revolutionise the world of air-conditioning and improve our wellbeing and our lives.

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AIRsana®, the Italian patent that’s taking over the world.

The secret to AIRsana® efficacy is its patented dual-flow system. A jet of dry, saturated steam at 160 degrees, injected at high pressure, removes even hidden dirt and uses thermal shock to kill harmful micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria and mould.

At the same time, aspiration is used to suck in polluting residues and aerosols, meaning these cannot enter the environment and become a danger to the air-con technician and the customer.

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A jet of
dry, saturated steam
At 160° to eliminate
dirt and harmful agents


Simultaneous aspiration
to remove
all traces in the system
and in the air

The AIRsana® method is ecological as it uses no chemical solvents, just steam, and this makes it a winning choice when it comes to health and the environment. Maybe that’s why the Italian patent is taking over the world and turning heads within the big business world, where more and more attention is being paid to welfare and environmental sustainability.

So how does AIRsana® sanitisation work?

Each team of professionals works according to standard protocol established for biological risk environments and uses individual protection apparatus and sequential procedures that protect technicians, customers, and the space where work is being carried out. The work carried out obviously depends on the type of system being cleaned but the main stages follow very specific steps.

AIRsana® is inimitable.

Unlike traditional methods, AIRsana® cleaning is much less invasive.
The environment does not need to be cleared (apart from in exceptional cases) and little noise is generated. There is no use of chemical solvents or water lances, which can contaminate spaces and also create annoying problems.
The advantages aren’t just in terms of quality though. By simultaneously injecting steam and sucking it back,

sanitising times are significantly reduced, which means savings in terms of labour and in terms of materials and equipment costs. In addition, it has been shown that AIRsana® sanitising restores systems to their original state, resulting in significant energy savings and an AC system that, in all its parts, has less of an environmental impact.

AC system maintenanceisn’t just about sanitising.

AIRsana® professionals provide all the services your AC system requires:
from recharging and repairs right through to re-design and installation of a new system that’s fully compliant with current regulations.

Giovanna Michetti


Giovanna is a second-generation entrepreneur who worked for IBM and then went on to run the family business.

When Marco Buzzi told her about his idea for indoor air sanitising, she began a journey that would take her on to study the effects of sick building syndrome, in line with highly advanced American legislation. Convinced of the potential, she patented the idea and created the trademark AIRsana® and the team.

Marco Buzzi


Marco is the inventor. In 1996 he set up his first installation business, designing and installing domestic and industrial air-conditioning systems. His team also provides system maintenance and cleaning services.

From his day-to-day work, it becomes clear that a build-up of dirt and consistent neglect are not only the main cause of energy waste and a reduction in machine life. They are above all the cause of psychophysical illness in those breathing the contaminated air that these dirty machines produce. Marco and his team have come across numerous cases of serious contamination that could cause Legionnaires’ disease. His desire to get rid of harmful agents without dispersing these into the immediate environment led to the creation of the AIRsana® patent: 160-degree dry, saturated steam.


AIRsana® is such a brilliant and innovative idea that the company has been chosen by Assolombarda and Politecnico di Milano to represent “genius and entrepreneurship” in Lombardy on the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci.