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Interest in indoor wellness is on the up along with the number of people requesting AC system sanitisation. If our values reflect yours and you want to grow with us, join our Partner network!

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( ATECO code 43.22.01 – F-Gas Certification – presidential decree 27 January 2012, n. 43 )

f-gas certification

Why become an AIRsana® partner?

AIRsana® gives your customer added value; particularly at this key moment in time people are becoming more aware of the quality of the air they breathe. The AIRsana® method means you can ensure your customer benefits from outstanding sanitisation, enjoying tangible results in terms of health and their finances. A year-round service that is efficient, considers the environment, and is ecological and sustainable – a breath of fresh air for your business.

A winning team needs great training.

Our group of professionals is dedicated to training our partners and keeping them up-to-date. If you operate in the air-conditioning sector, don’t miss your chance to join our team.