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Only AIRsana is recognized internationally with the patent that certifies the sanitization of air conditioning systems.

8 grams of dust causes an increase in energy consumption of 15%.

AIRsana restores air conditioning units to a like-new state, restoring their original energy efficiency and saving money.

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It sanitises the air
without using
chemical substances

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Our patent
is recognised internationally
and is 100% Italian

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with pre and post

sanitation AIRsana

A method that’s

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Supporting health
and productivity


Helping you to save:
over 40% less
on your bills


An eco device with

an international patent

It uses a jet of dry steam at 160 degrees (no chemical agents) to remove and dissolve dirt, simultaneously sucking this dirt up so that it doesn’t disperse into the environment and so that the technician stays safe.

sanitising air conditioning systems

Post-Covid, our lives will never be the same again, and this goes for the way we sanitise AC systems

In this historic moment, there’s been exponential growth in requests for system sanitisation and we’re all becoming much more aware of the importance of breathing clean air.


30 years of work just to discover hot water.

Behind the idea of using steam and a dual-flow system lie many years of experience in the field.
For some revolutions, it’s well worth the wait though.

Marco Buzzi | Founder & CTO AIRsana®

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Sanitisation: a guarantee that only AIRsana® can give

A breath of fresh air for your business.

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