Why should an AC system be sanitised the AIRsana® way?

We often worry about the air we breathe outdoors,
but the quality of the air we breathe indoors is equally important.
That’s why it’s good to sanitise regularly.

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It eliminates
from AC systems

5 seconds of steam is all it takes to eliminate


It reduces the risk
of infectious diseases,
such as Legionnaires’ disease.

Thermal shock eliminates harmful agents, including legionella bacteria.

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with pre and post

A guarantee
of exceptional sanitisation.


A method that’s

No chemical substances,
just steam. Less energy consumption
and fewer CO2 emissions.

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Supporting health
and productivity

A healthy workplace
encourages greater productivity
by over 30%.


Helping you to save:
over 40% less
on your bills

A clean system consumes
less, making it an investment for
your health and the environment.

Sanitising doesn’t just involve getting rid of bacteria and viruses found on surfaces and in the air. It’s much more than normal deep cleaning and simple washing.

Sanitising an AC system means above all improving performance and restoring the condition of the system in order to guarantee healthy air for the wellbeing of those that breathe it each day.

We’ve been serious about air quality for years, well before COVID-19.

More interest has been shown in the quality of indoor air because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but we’ve always been concerned with this. Lab tests have shown that 5 seconds of steam is all that’s needed to rid AC systems of viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Thermal shock reduces the risk of Legionnaires’ disease.

The AIRsana® method has proved to be effective even against legionella bacteria, which lives in stagnant waters between 5.7 and 55 °C and in the presence of sediment and limescale like that found in water systems, tanks and condensation points in air-con pipes and humidifiers.
The infection is contracted by contaminated air-borne droplets that, if inhaled, spread disease: in 2018 it affected dozens of people leading to several deaths and an investigation being opened into “involuntary epidemic” by unknown persons.

Sanitizing the air inside
and improving also
that outside.

Your trusted companion when it comes to sustainability: – 40% energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

AIRsana® sanitisation significantly improves the performance of air-con systems, creating zero waste and reducing consumption by up to 40%. This result has a massive positive impact on the environment too, as it means a huge reduction in CO2 emissions in the air.

Throughout the world, 1/4 of energy is produced to make closed environments comfortable. If all AC systems were sanitised with AIRsana®, there would be much, much less CO2 in the air.

AIRsana® is also eco-friendly, because it doesn’t use chemical substances, just water and steam.

We can safely say that AIRsana® is the greenest choice for those who want to live in a healthy environment and on a less polluted planet.

A guarantee that only AIRsana® can give.

AIRsana® guarantees exceptional sanitisation, by conducting swab-test cross-checks to detect changes in microbiological flora before and after work is carried out on each sanitised unit and measure bacteria present in the AC system.
After evaluating the results of the tests, which are performed exclusively in laboratories that have been accredited by Accredia (the Sole National Accreditation Body appointed by the Italian government), our technician can then (and only then) certify the AC system as having been sanitised using the exceptional AIRsana® method.

Sick Building Syndrome – SBS

Sick Building Syndrome is no good for the workplace.

Legislative decree 81/08 Health and Safety in the Workplace

Under the consolidated act on health and safety in the workplace (legislative decree 81/08), sanitised AC systems must always be guaranteed, not only in this particular moment in time, and this must be ensured through a proper maintenance programme (presidential decree 74/2013). It can therefore be asserted that system sanitisation forms an essential part of normal maintenance activity.

Allergens, bacteria, mould, concentration of heavy metals and fine dust may lead to the proliferation of harmful micro-organisms that are responsible for numerous symptoms in the workplace, including irritation of the eyes and airways, skin irritation, migraine, fever, and drowsiness. These are symptoms that affect quality of life and employee performance.

The syndrome leads to absenteeism (up to 3%) and a fall in productivity that can be up to 33%.
Sanitisation is therefore a very good investment as it ensures that employees are healthy and company efficiency is not compromised.

Clean air has a cost but with AIRsana®
you can only gain from it.

Inevitably, sanitising an AC system has an effect on the purse of a company or a family. But here too the AIRsana® method has numerous benefits. -40% consumption.

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Getting your AC system to once again function at its best means a significant reduction * in consumption.

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Sanitising heat pumps and internal and external air exchange units leads to improved
performance of the entire system in indoor environments and significant energy savings.

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Proper maintenance lengthens the life span of an AC system and reduces the costs of investing in new machines.

There’s tax relief for businesses too.

Up to 28% reduction in NI.

Companies that carry out work to improve safety and hygiene conditions in the workplace can enjoy a discount in National Insurance contributions, if they’ve been operating for at least two years. This “prevention by tax variation” discount (OT/24) is in addition to those currently provided for by law (legislative decree 81/2008 and subsequent modifications).

For more information: +39 02 8718 9940

*energy savings range from a minimum of 10% to a maximum of 40% (and more in exceptional cases) and are generally at around 30%.